Sunday, January 3, 2010

Beautiful Beginnings

A new year- a chance to start afresh. I'm praying that this year will be full of joy and healing. My first major depression in five years happened last January so I'm fearful that it will happen again this January. But I have to remember that this year will be different and I can make it through with God's infinite love and care.
As for happier (and less serious) topics, I'm having so much fun finding images for everyone to use. It's so exciting and refreshing to go into a antique mall or boutique and shop for my crafty blog friends. I hope my ephemera is useful to my readers. Please let me know how you're using the pictures- I'd love to know what artsy endeavors everyone comes up with. I believe it will spur me on to find even more beautiful pieces. I personally use the ephemera for computer desktop backgrounds - I also like to collage so they come in handy for having something unique for the project. The pieces I posted today are some of my favorites- Especially the Marie Antoinette type image.

Speaking of craftiness, I promise to get pictures of the ornaments I made with my family. They're in cyber limbo right now ... My sister is having to reformat them so my MAC can read them.
As for other artsy endeavors, I'm now working on learning how to knit. What a challenging task! My dear friend Renee is trying to teach me this art- Boy, do I now have great respect for all those knitters out there. And when someone knits me something from now on I'll know how much love was spent making it.
So, what new craftiness are you all working on? Anything promising for projects out in blogland? Last year I worked on a collaborative book swap - Tons of fun! Are there any new projects or swaps to get our creative juices flowing?

One final note: I've just discovered this whole new world of postcard ephemera collectors! The French Factrice hosts Postcard Friendship Fridays and I plan on participating regularly:) So swing on by the party...