Thursday, January 7, 2010

Picture Perfect: Postcard Friendship Fridays

Just thought I would share this lovely little trade card image. Although it's technically not a postcard, it's definitely a fabulous piece of early 20th c. ephemera. And the doll and kitty are so wonderful. This card advertised Lion Coffee - On the reverse it states "A Picture Card: In each package of the Lion Coffee now at your grocer's. Many designs." So, it's like an early cracker jack giveaway. Chromolithography was just beginning to hit its stride during this time. The Victorians were crazy for these images not only decorating and collecting but also for crafts of their own, like collages. Children, pets, and romantic scenes are some of the most popular motifs.

Well, I'm off to the DC Big Flea this weekend! I can't wait to do some junking. Even though I've been visiting local antique malls for my fix, there's still nothing quite like 2 huge buildings filled to the brim with fantastic finds! I'm salivating just thinking about it...

So, hope you all have a great weekend filled with many a junking exploit!